statement: Karwendel

During the summer months of 2014 I engaged in a field-based creative project, which took place in the Austrian Alps. For this project, I collaborated with a team of editors producing the inaugural volume of WALDEN Magazin (Nr.1), Hamburg, Germany. 


The editors flew me out to Germany and from there I spent two weeks traveling through the Karwendel Mountain range in Austria, followed by a visit to Innsbruck University, Austria and a number of museums in Munich, Germany. 


I conducted field-based perceptual inquiry that resulted in an expansive on location field drawing project combining ethnologic, cartographic and historic modes of creative inquiry. Following my field-based work I carried out a number of studio works while corresponding with co-editor, Harald Willenbrock. This work aims to communicate my hands-on multilayered disciplinary approach toward place based research and experience.  I walked a preconceived conceptual route through the Karwendel Range, which presented physical, technical, and design challenges that shaped the ultimate outcome of the finished artwork. 

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